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Global Immersion Module (GIM) News

MBADiversity Latest Milestone: Global Immersion Module commences in 2008 in Shanghai China

Soyini Taylor, the 2008 Director of MBADiversity's new Global Immersion Module (GIM), has been working hard on designing and managing this new milestone for our organization.

Soyini, along with the help of over ten participants over the past six months on the GIM Design Team, has supported the next milestone for MBADiversity. GIM is an annual international trip to further prepare our members as global positive change agents. Along with non-segregated membership, GMAT scholarships, a National Symposium open to the public and MBA Math workshops, it is another milestone to add to MBADiversity's history.

For the 2008 Global Immersion Module (GIM), the organization will conduct a marketing research project for the legendary Quincy Jones. Mr. Jones is one of the partners of Alaska Glacier Water. This project will be conducted in Shanghai, China immediately after the National Symposium. Here he is pictured below with William J. Du, the CEO of Alaska Glacier Water.

Additionally, MBADiversity GIM'ers will help manage China's first night run with Nike (image above). It is called The Human Race.

The 2008 GIM Design Team and Participants are:

Ms. Soyini Taylor
Mr. Anthony Woo
Ms. Hana Yang
Ms. Jennifer Au
Ms. Megan Davis
Mr. Omatsone (Felix) Amoruwa
Ms. Sharonda Richardson
Mr. Steven Rodriguez
Ms. Nina Sui
Ms. Danielle Howard

Symposium Latest News

August 2008

General Mills has returned as an In-Kind sponsor of the National Symposium. They are donating organic food items from their new Cascadian Farm line and also Larabar min-bar samples. MBADiversity thanks General Mills for their loyal support of our mission and vision each year!

Clear Admit has become an In-Kind and Advertising Sponsor of The 4th National Symposium again this year. Mr. Graham Richmond and his team are donating Clear Admit School Guides as well as some copies of The Clear Admit Interview Guides for giveaways/prizes at the symposium. Thank you for your loyal support, Clear Admit!

Glacéau has become an in-kind sponsor of The National Symposium. They produce Vitaminwater®, Smartwater®, and Vitaminenergy®.

July 2008

The Princeton Review is providing a free copy of "The Best Business Schools" for all attendees of their workshop session.

Please welcome the Yale School of Management to the 2008 National MBA Diversity Symposium & Social.

Trina&Friends has become an In-Kind Sponsor of the National Symposium. Additionally, the company is offering all symposium registrants 10% off the store for the remainder of the year. Discount code will be given upon your online symposium registration.

June 2008

MBADiversity Latest Milestone: For the 2008 Global Immersion Module (GIM), the organization will conduct a marketing research project for the legendary Quincy Jones. Mr. Jones is one of the partners of Alaska Glacier Water. This project will be conducted in Shanghai, China immediately after the National Symposium. Here he is pictured with William J. Du, the CEO of Alaska Glacier Water.

We are pleased to announce that Duke University's Fuqua School of Business will be attending the National Symposium again this year.

We are pleased to announce that Penn State Smeal College of Business will be the National Symposium again this year.

May 2008

Please welcome the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to the MBADiversity family. They are joining us for the 4th National Symposium. They are participating at the full engagement distinction level.

Mrs. Lynette Lewis, author of the book "Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos" selected as facilitator for the Executive Training Workshops at the 4th National Symposium.

Mr. Richard Montauk, author of the popular book "How to Get into the TOP MBA Programs", selected to be the keynote speaker of the 4th National Symposium.

MBADiversity is currently producing the 4th National Symposium for the MBA community. All schools, corporations and recruiters who would like to participate should contact MBA Diversity here.

Event Related Items

The value of the Ross School of Business' commitment to diversity is evident in the success of our students and the recognition we receive from the marketplace. Ross students come from all over the world, bringing a wealth of personal and professional experience into our learning community. Together, the Ross collaborative culture and action-based curriculum prepare students to lead globally diverse teams, consider the role of business in society, and build organizational cultures that foster innovation.

Whether a candidate has a more traditional business background like consulting or finance, or a less traditional background such as working in the Peace Corps, teaching, or working as a professional musician, it is the candidate's ability to lead and make an impact in an organization that Ross is seeking. This ability is critical in our Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course, in which student teams spend seven weeks working to solve real problems in real organizations worldwide. Students report that MAP is a transformative educational experience, unique to Ross.

The Fuqua School of Business appreciates and values differences inherent within our community. As an organization we are committed to building and sustaining an environment conducive to capitalizing on the diversity within our community as a source of intellectual, personal, and professional growth and innovation.

We strongly believe that you learn the most from people who see things differently than you do. They challenge you to identify and validate the assumptions in your perceptions, and open your eyes to other ways of engaging with the world around you.

To facilitate this learning and growth, we invite students from a myriad of functional, industry and academic backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations to join our community. When you step into a Duke MBA classroom, you will be awed by the experiences and perspectives that our students bring with them.

The Yale School of Management is fully committed to diversity along many dimensions — racial, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic background; sexual orientation; gender; age; veteran status; religious belief; thought and opinion; professional aspirations; and more. Outside the classroom, our small community is engaged, supportive, and involved; in class, our integrated MBA curriculum model presents business concepts in a multidisciplinary context that uniquely addresses the problems confronted by today's diverse global workforce.

Penn State has long demonstrated a commitment to diversity and equity that is deeply rooted in both our historic mission and our philosophy of higher education. At The Smeal College of Business we focus on enhancing a sense of community that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes diversity among all our members. Ensuring diversity of every kind is an integral part of our culture, climate, and curriculum.

General Mills is an IN-Kind Sponsor - they are donating products from their Cascadian Farm and Larabar brands.

The Princeton Review is a Sponsor

Clear Admit is an In-Kind and Advertising Sponsor

Glacéau is an In-Kind Sponsor

Trina&Friends - IN-KIND Sponsor

Purchase Richard Montauk's Book "How to Get into the Top MBA Programs" from Amazon.


Purchase Lynette's Book "Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos" from Amazon.